SGPS-Administered Funds and Programs

Emergency Student Aid

The intention of this fund is to provide short-term relief to SGPS members who find themselves in severely restricted financial situations due to unforeseen circumstances. Amounts available are very small. Please contact the SGPS VP Finance and Services with any questions about the application process ( Please note, this fund may be accessed twice per academic year (September 1 - Aug 31).

SGPS/PSAC 901 International Student Bursary

With generous sponsorship from PSAC 901, the SGPS provides some financial relief to SGPS Members who personally pay their University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) fees. Amounts available are small. Please contact the SGPS VP Finance and Services with any questions about the application process ( Please note, this fund can only be accessed once per academic year (September 1 - Aug 31). Please complete both application pages and submit your application to the Front Desk at the SGPS Office (room 021 in the JDUC).

SGPS/PSAC 901 Dental Bursary

With generous sponsorship from PSAC 901, the SGPS provides ancillary dental coverage

Purpose: To assist students who require expensive dental procedures.

Eligibility: Students, partners and children who are currently on the SGPS dental plan.

Coverage: Root canals, caps and other items covered at 10% by the Dental Plan.

Please note, this fund may be accessed twice per academic year (September 1 - Aug 31).

Grants Program

This program is specifically designed to provide partial financial assistance to students and/or student groups that are organizing events that enhance the academic side of graduate and professional life. Events must be open to the entire graduate and professional community, and have significant grad and professional student involvement. Examples of the kinds of events funded in the past include lectures, seminar series, conferences, journal publications, and one-time speakers. The Finance Standing Committee will consider other events. A copy of your budget and other agencies approached for funding is required. For more information, and detailed application requirements, please contact the SGPS office. The Grants Program is not intended to offset individual costs for attending conferences and related academic events; students seeking financial assistance for individual academic endeavours should speak to their departments and/or supervisors.

Sustainability Action Fund

Working on a sustainability project and looking for funding? The Sustainability Action Fund (SAF) is an optional student fee whose proceeds are available in grants to any graduate or professional student group that focuses on campus energy efficiency, waste reduction or education on sustainability-related issues. Any project that reduces Queen's University's negative environmental impact and makes campus more sustainable is eligible for funding as long as it is not directly related to a personal thesis work and at least one group member in managerial capacity is a member of the SGPS. The SGPS will consider your proposal based on its potential positive impact, the number of applications and the funds available.

Sports Fund

This fund assists sports events that involve significant numbers of graduate and professional students. The Finance Standing Committee gives first priority to the largest organisational structure possible; for example, entire sports leagues will be given priority over individual teams within the league. In the past, the fund has also made small loans to assist teams in organising. This fund was set in place by referendum. You can opt-out of the fee should you wish to do so. Opting out must be done at the SGPS office, following the opt out procedure. For more information on the sports fund and its application deadlines, please contact the SGPS office.

The Work Bursary Program

The government, AMS and SGPS contribute to a work bursary programme. For eligibility requirements, please contact Student Awards at 533-2216. Graduate and Law students are able to participate in this program. You may also check the AMS website at

Externally-Administered Funds and Programs

Fellowships and Awards

The Graduate School Calendar describes the fellowships and awards programs that help to support graduate students. Fellowships and some of the award programs are competitive based on academic merit. Selection is done by the Fellowship Committee of the School based on ranked submissions by the department.

Contact the Registrar of the Graduate School for information (533-6100). Or try their web page: where you will find information on SSHRC, NSERC OGS and MRC fellowships.

Teaching and Research Assistantships

Many departments offer teaching and research assistantships to graduate students as part of their total support package. Teaching assistants are expected to carry out a variety of duties associated with the delivery of a course or laboratory. Research assistantships are sometimes available from the resources of faculty research grants. The student is expected to assist, again in a variety of ways, in the research project of the supervisor. Contact the graduate coordinator in your department for information about these sources of funding.

Law Students and Potential Financial Support and Awards

Entrance scholarships, as well as other specific awards and prizes are available to students in the Faculty of Law. Some of these are competitive based on academic merit. For further information, contact the Faculty of Law, or access the Student Awards web page at

Tuition Bursaries

Tuition bursaries are awarded to international students to help defray the differential fee. Once made, an award is deposited into the student's fee account. The award covers the difference between the Canadian and international fee. The department must nominate students for these bursaries. Some of these bursaries are awarded to Queen's Fellowship recipients.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

All Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada are eligible to apply for need-based Canada Student Loan Assistance. In Ontario, OSAP provides post-secondary students with financial assistance in the form of loans. You should review the guidelines for OSAP and Graduate Students. Application forms are available in the Student Awards Office. You can save yourself the $10 application fee by applying directly online. The OSAP website can be accessed at For more information on the Canada Student Loans program, access and navigate to the Financial Assistance - Canada Student Loans Program.

Queen's University Loans

Queen's University has established loan funds for the assistance of undergraduate and graduate students. Please check the Student Awards website for a complete list.

  1. Short-Term Loans: The Queen's Short-term Loan program is designed to assist students who are experiencing a temporary financial emergency (e.g, delay in receiving funds from another source).
  2. Emergency Loans: In the case of an emergency when immediate assistance is required, students should contact the Student Awards Office directly.
For more complete details, please see:

General Bursaries

The SGPS contributes annually to a General Bursary program, which is administered by Student Awards. Applications and information are available in their office (533-2216), or see

Budgeting and Financial Counselling

Try these online budgeting tools for students:

  1. The Royal Bank:
  2. Scotiabank:
  3. The Bank of Montreal:
The SGPS hopes to offer a series of seminars early in the fall term on taking care of your money, including such topics as investments, budgeting, and how to maintain that debt you might be accumulating. Contact the SGPS office for details.

Food Assistance Fund

This is an emergency fund administered by Student Awards. It is designed to provide temporary help to students in need of funds to buy food. A student would normally be in a short-term emergency situation. For example, an expected cheque did not arrive. Applications may be made to Student Awards (533-2216).