Student Advisor Contact Information

Phone: 613.533.3169
Office: Room 031 in the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC)

Student Advisor: Frequently Asked Questions
pdf icon A Student Advisor is an SGPS member who can assist with some of the challenges facing graduate or professional students at Queen's. They offer free and confidential advice, advocacy, and referral services.

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Meet the Student Advisors
Program Administrator (
Andria is Queen's alum with an MA in Gender Studies ('13) and her Honours Specialization BA in Social Justice and Peace Studies from Western University ('11). She credits the SGPS Student Advisor program for helping her graduate, as without the guidance and assistance of the program she would have not completed her degree. As an individual with a disability, she knows the personal importance of self-advocacy - "The most amazing feeling is not just to come through whatever issues you face on the other side, but to come through them knowing that you fought hard and stood up for yourself". Her experiences as a graduate student and her professional training heavily inform her ability to sensitively handle issues of harassment, discrimination, oppression, conflict, and academic accommodation in a confidential manner. Andria is excited to be working with graduate and professional students in order to support them in their own academic journeys.
About The Student Advisors

You can find an excellent blurb about the Advisors on the Gradifying Blog:

The Student Advisor program was started in 2001 in response to the need for advocacy and support services for graduate and professional students at Queen's University. These needs stem from the unique position of graduate and professional students, as they act as students, employees, teachers and mentors.

The Student Advisors offer advice and advocacy services to graduate and professional students in issues concerning their well-being while here at Queen's. In addition, we act as an effective referral service for issues and needs that fall outside of our jurisdiction or expertise.

The SGPS Student Advisors are familiar with policies and procedures at Queen's, and have received training in conflict resolution and active listening. We also receive harassment and discrimination training, positive space training, and training in university policies and procedures. Student Advisor services are totally confidential, and action is only taken with the explicit direction and consent of the student concerned.

Students are encouraged to contact the Student Advisors with any questions or concerns. If we are not able to assist you directly, we will attempt to refer you to a service that can. The Student Advisor program encourages self-advocacy. We strive to assist students in developing a better understanding the policies and administrative bodies that may be relevant to their situation and offer strategic advice as to how to best resolve potential concerns or conflicts. We also offer some direct advocacy services; if appropriate, we may be able to assist you by attending a meeting with you, contacting another party on your behalf, or helping to present your case at an academic appeal hearing.

Please feel free to contact the Student Advisors by email at or by phone at 533-3169. (Please note that we check our email much more frequently than our voice-mail.) The Advisor office is located in room 031 of the JDUC.