Student Advisor Office Hours

Tuesday: 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
* Please note the Advisors check e-mail Monday - Friday but not on weekends *

Student Advisor Contact Information

Phone: 613.533.3169
Office: Room 203 in the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC)

Meet the Student Advisors
Student Advisor (
Victoria Millious
Victoria Millious is a 2nd year PhD student in Kinesiology. Her research focuses on socio-cultural studies of health, food, affect and the body. Prior to being a Student Advisor, Victoria worked as the Member Services Coordinator for Science'44 Student Housing Co-operative and as a Project Coordinator for the Sexual Assault Centre of Kingston (SACK), as well as managing a busy theatre box office in Montreal. Her work and volunteer experiences both on and off campus make her an effective ally in matters of harassment, exploitation, interpersonal conflict and accommodation. She will help you discover the safest and most productive ways to navigate your relationship with your supervisor. Her self-advocacy motto reads as: "Sometimes you have to do things that make you uncomfortable in the short term, in order to make things much, much better in the longterm." Victoria is keen to assist graduate and professional students create the educational experience they deserve, and to advocate for an academic culture in which we can all thrive.
Student Advisor (
Erin Clow
Erin Clow is a fourth year Doctoral student in Political Studies, focusing on gender, race and microfinance within Canada. She is an active member of the Queen's community having volunteered with Career Services and has served on various departmental and University Senate Committees. For the past two years, Erin has worked with PSAC 901 as its Information Officer and Equity Officer. She is also currently serving as a member of PSAC 901's bargaining team. Through her involvement with PSAC, Erin has received Positive Space training and anti-oppression training. During her time at Queen's, Erin has worked diligently on issues relating to social justice and equity on campus, specifically the inclusion of PSAC 901 members within the University wide ICount Equity Census and in her work on the SGPS/Human Rights Office/PSAC 901 accent discrimination research. Building on her previous experience as an Academic Advisor at Trent University, Erin understands the integral nature of student advising within the University. As an SGPS advisor, Erin looks forward to listening, supporting, and assisting her fellow graduate and professional students.
Student Advisor (
David Thompson
David is an upper-year Doctoral student in History and a former VP Graduate with the SGPS ('09-'10) well-versed in the dynamics of graduate and professional student life at Queen's. His research focuses on the history of anti-poverty activism in Canada. He believes strongly in the historical demand made by the poor that they are the experts on poverty and that they should play a leading role in all efforts to alleviate inequality. While on the SGPS Executive, David was a tireless defender of marginalized voices on campus. As a Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) organizer, David helped bring union representation to teaching assistants and teaching fellows. A former member of PSAC 901's bargaining team, David ensured graduate student workers won the best possible first collective agreement. As a Student Advisor David promises to listen, encourage positive academic relationships, empower his colleagues and defend their interests. Trained to deal sensitively and confidentially on issues of poor communication, harassment and discrimination, oppression, inequity and conflict David is thrilled to participate in making Queen's University an inclusive, diverse and welcoming environment.
About The Student Advisors

You can find an excellent blurb about the Advisors on the Gradifying Blog:

The Student Advisor program was started in 2001 in response to the need for advocacy and support services for graduate and professional students at Queen's University. These needs stem from the unique position of graduate and professional students, as they act as students, employees, teachers and mentors.

The Student Advisors offer advice and advocacy services to graduate and professional students in issues concerning their well-being while here at Queen's. In addition, we act as an effective referral service for issues and needs that fall outside of our jurisdiction or expertise.

The SGPS Student Advisors are familiar with policies and procedures at Queen's, and have received training in conflict resolution and active listening. We also receive harassment and discrimination training, positive space training, and training in university policies and procedures. Student Advisor services are totally confidential, and action is only taken with the explicit direction and consent of the student concerned.

Students are encouraged to contact the Student Advisors with any questions or concerns. If we are not able to assist you directly, we will attempt to refer you to a service that can. The Student Advisor program encourages self-advocacy. We strive to assist students in developing a better understanding the policies and administrative bodies that may be relevant to their situation and offer strategic advice as to how to best resolve potential concerns or conflicts. We also offer some direct advocacy services; if appropriate, we may be able to assist you by attending a meeting with you, contacting another party on your behalf, or helping to present your case at an academic appeal hearing.

Please feel free to contact the Student Advisors by email at or by phone at 533-3169. (Please note that we check our email much more frequently than our voice-mail.) The Advisor office is located in room 203 of the JDUC (upstairs in the JDUC Club Space).