SGPS Services
The SGPS offers a lot of great services to members. Check out this section to learn about all the things the SGPS can do for you.
Awards / Support
The SGPS and Queen's offer a number of award and support opportunities for graduate and professional students. Check out the scholarships, bursaries, grants, emergency student aid and other financial help opportunities available.
Student Advisors
The Student Advisors offer advice and advocacy services to graduate and professional students in issues concerning their well-being while here at Queen's. In addition, they act as an effective referral service for issues and needs that fall outside of our jurisdiction or expertise.
Local Discounts
The SGPS has worked with local businesses to improve discounts to our membership. Use your ISIC or StudentSaver card to get discounts at some amazing local businesses. Check out this page to see all the amazing discounts around Kingston.
As a part of our Active and Healthy Living Programme the SGPS has partnered up with GoodLife to provide our members with discounted rates to join the GoodLife gym. When you join, you are also eligible to have a partner join as well!
Career Services
Career Services can help students with employment, education and career decisions. They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that can offer useful strategies and tips. They offer several innovative and specialty programs and services. They help prepare students for the transition into any work place.
If you are looking for a place to live or you are looking to fill an empty room in your house, this is a great place to start.
Law Clinic
Queen's Business Law Clinic (QBLC) was established to assist people and organizations who could not otherwise afford legal services. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses have a limited budget with which to launch or carry on their initiatives. In many cases, these people and organizations have not even budgeted for legal fees - and yet legal work may be crucial for their projects to succeed.

QBLC operates year-round from the Queen's Faculty of Law to provide pro bono legal services to small businesses, start-ups and non-profit organizations in the Kingston community and throughout Eastern Ontario that would not otherwise be able to retain legal counsel to assist them in their operations. QBLC is also an opportunity for selected students to learn valuable legal practice skills while working on client files and managing the clinic.