Volunteering Opportunities

There are many volunteering possibilities with the SGPS and with the Kingston community. Please be patient as we populate this page with volunteering opportunities for the coming year!

John Howard Society (Click for full information)

The John Howard Society of Kingston & District utilizes many dedicated volunteers to ensure the success of its programs, both inside and outside of the penitentiaries in the area. We are a popular choice for many local students, and offer great experience to people interested in Policing, Corrections, Social Work, or any other social justice related field. In addition to direct service roles, we offer volunteer positions that involve the children & families of incarcerated people through our Youth Academic Intervention Program. Our volunteer program offers tremendous experience for people interested in childhood education, policing services, the corrections industry, or human resources/office management roles.

Volunteer Hosts

The International Housing Office is regularly seeking members of the Queen's community who are willing to act as Volunteer Hosts for newly arrived international students and workers. Volunteer Hosts normally provide a few nights accommodation, at no cost, while the student or worker searches for permanent housing. The accommodations can be as simple as a couch, but the hosts should be friendly people with an interest in providing a welcoming and secure temporary accommodation.