Committee Opportunities

The SGPS has many committees that you can be involved in. Committees are an integral part of the SGPS as they help with such things as student issues, SGPS promotions, social events, operations, finance and many others.

If you are interested in being a part of a committee, please contact the Executive Assistant (
SGPS Committees

SGPS Academic Affair Standing Committee

Chair: VP Graduate (

The SGPS Education Standing Committee and the SGPS Graduate Standing Committee have merged this year to form SGPS Academic Affair Standing Committee. The committee is currently seeking members. Some responsibility of the committee includes:

  • organizing conferences, workshops, seminars and other educational forums of interest and benefit to members of the Society as directed by the SGPS Council;
  • providing SGPS Council and the Executive with informed opinion in response to Queen's University educational policies of interest to our members
  • providing informed opinion with respect to graduate students issues from all divisions to the School of Graduate Studies and Research

SGPS Bylaw and Policy Revisions Standing Committee

Chair: Speaker (

The Bylaw and Policy Revisions Standing Committee is seeking members. This Committee, which will convene in late fall, is responsible for:

  • the continual review of the SGPS Bylaws and Policies;
  • assisting the Speaker in the review of all proposed Bylaws and Policy amendments beforepresentation for ratification by the appropriate body of the Society in accordance with Bylaw 13.2.

SGPS Campaigns and Community Relations Standing Committee

Chair: VP Campaigns and Comminity Affairs (

The SGPS Campaigns and Community Relations Standing Committee is seeking members. The committee will be working mainly on two issues this year: the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) Provincial Day of Action, as well as issues surrounding copyright reform. The Provincial DAy of Action is on November 5th and consists of a number of marches across cities in Ontario, organized by the CFS, to call on the Provincial govt. to reduce tuition fees (for all students) to 2004 levels and to freeze them there. The reason for the DAy of Action is that the Provincial Govt.'s funding framework, the reaching higher plan, is going to expire next year. The slogan of the campaign is 'drop fees'.

SGPS Equity Issues Standing Committee

Chair: Equity Commissioner (

The SGPS Equity Issues Standing Committee is seeking members. The Equity Issues Standing Committee is responsible for:

  • providing Council and Executive with an informed opinion of the equity issues facing members of the SGPS;
  • supporting, engaging and organizing initiatives within the university community to address equity issues through conferences, workshops, outreach, educational events and forums and social events;
  • fostering communication between other campus and non-campus organizations involved with equity issues.

SGPS Finance and Services Standing Committee

Chair: VP Finance and Services (

Like to manage money? The Finance and Services Standing Committee is seeking members. Some responsibilities of this committee include:

  • assisting the VP Finance and Services in preparing of annual society budget;
  • ensuring funds allocated to SGPS committees or other organizations are spent for the purpose for which they were allocated;
  • recommending allocation of grants;
  • reviewing society operations including the Health and Dental Plan.

SGPS Human Resources Committee

Chair: VP Professional (

The new SGPS Human Resource Committee was created for the purpose of designing a framework for our organization that will aid in transitioning and continuity of the SGPS. The committee is a valuable resource in the critical overview of the organizational structure of the SGPS. Committee responsibilities will include drawing up guidelines and creating detailed and accurate job descriptions for the many positions within the SGPS. The committee will also advise on improved communication methods between SGPS employees and appointees as well as working towards reliable, valid, transparent and equitable hiring strategies.

SGPS International Student Standing Committee

Chair: International Students' Coordinator (

The SGPS International Student Standing Committee is looking for members. Some responsibility of the committee includes:

  • investigating how international graduate and professional students are currently being treated at Queen's;
  • making recommendations to the executive, council, and other bodies at Queen's regarding how our situation can be improved;
  • working with the SGPS and Queen's University International Centre) QUIC to welcome new students and help them settle into life at Queen's.
In the last year we have been active addressing the rising cost of UHIP, we've organized social activities, and we're developing a peer mentor program. If you're interested in these issues or have new ideas you would like the committee to pursue we encourage you to join us. We are looking for international graduate and professional students from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Middle East, Europe, Oceania, and South America.

SGPS Judicial Committee

Chair: SGPS Speaker (

The Judicial Committee consists of 7 members, one of whom will serve as the chair of the committee. The Judicial Board acts to resolve complaints about the non-academic behavior of SGPS members, and also acts as an appeal board for candidates during SGPS elections. The focus of the Judicial Board is placed on conflict resolution and restorative justice.

SGPS Social Standing Committee

Chair: Social Commissioner (

Like planning parties and events?! Come and join the Social Committee in the planning of the upcoming year's social events including socials, sporting events, trips, formals and many others. This will be a fun committee, a great way to get involved in the SGPS!

SGPS Strategic Planning Standing Committee

Chair: Ben Grant

Information about this committee will be posted soon.

SGPS Sustainability Standing Committee

Chair: Sustainability Coordinator (

To extend appropriate practices at Queen's University and take part in re-shaping, organizing and advancing student initiatives for sustainable operations, SGPS has formed a new committee: SGPS Sustainability Standing Committee. We will be working very closely with AMS, and other student and administrative organizations within Queen's community and hope to influence leadership, innovation and advancement of sustainability on and off campus. Share your passion with us: Together, we can make a difference!

University Committees
For a list of the University committees the SGPS is involved in, please click the pdf icon to the left.