Executive - Staff - Front Desk - Officers of Council - Organizational Chart
SGPS Executive
President (president@sgps.ca)
Chris Cochrane
As President, it's my job to represent graduate and professional students to the university administration, Senate and Board of Trustees. I also serve as an SGPS representative on a number of university committees, such as the Senate Committee on Academic Development, the Campus Planning Advisory Committee, the Graduate Studies Executive Council, the Strategic Management Enrolment Group and the Student Life Centre Council. And along with the other members of the Executive, it's part of my job to oversee the internal operations of the SGPS. So if you have a question or concern about something happening at the university or involving the SGPS and don't know who else to contact, feel free to shoot me an email. Chances are if I can't help you myself, I can point you in the right direction.
VP Campaigns and Community Affairs (vp.community@sgps.ca)
Lorne Beswick
Hi, I'm your Vice President Campaigns and Community Affairs. Generally, I am the external representative of the SGPS, representing and communicating the interests of the members of the SGPS to external student associations. I also promote the interests of SGPS members by advocating on their behalf to people and organizations external to the University. If you would like to become involved or have any concerns, I encourage you to contact me or to join the Campaigns and Community Affairs Standing Committee.
VP Finance and Services (vp.finance@sgps.ca)
Christina Huber
As the Vice President Finance and Services, I manage the finances of the SGPS. Health and dental plan, dental bursary and various grants are some ways in which we at the SGPS endeavour to meet the financial needs of our fellow students. If you have any concerns or questions on your financial right as students, feel free to email me or drop by at the office!
VP Graduate (vp.graduate@sgps.ca)
Mark Kellenberger
My primary role is to advocate for and represent the interests of graduate domestic and international students to the Graduate Studies Executive Council, the School of Graduate Studies and various SGS or Senate academic and student life committees. I also oversee the Student Advisor Program, one of the most important SGPS services. I also chair the Academic Affairs Standing Committee. Send me an email or make an appointment if you'd like to know more, to share something about your experience as a grad student, or if you would like to get involved with some of the work we're doing at the SGPS.
VP Professional (vp.professional@sgps.ca)
Mark Asfar
Hello! I am your VP Professional. I represent the interests of Professional Students at SGPS Executive and handle the organization's Human Resources.
SGPS Permanent Staff
Interim Director/Assistant Director of Networking (dir.networking@sgps.ca)
Andria Burke
My role is to assist the Executive in the governance of the SGPS by overseeing research on post-secondary education, human resources, campaigns, outreach, etc. I'm also the person to contact if you want to get involved with the SGPS.
Assistant Director of Logistics (dir.logistics@sgps.ca)
Pam Asselstine
As Assistant Executive Director I work with the Executive Director and the Front Desk Staff to maintain efficiency and excellence at the SGPS office. My role involves many different things such as: assisting with the administration of the health and dental plan, helping with bursary and funding applications, club registrations, coordinating training and various financial tasks. Have a question about the SGPS health and dental plan? Drafting a constitution for your club and are not sure where to begin? Would like to know what your options are for funding? Other concerns? I can help!
Assistant Director of Member Relations (dir.memberrelations@sgps.ca)
Nancy Warnica
Hello to all Graduate, Law, Education and Theology students! The front desk staff are here to welcome you to the office and field your questions and concerns. We also provide support to the rest of the SGPS team as they work on projects on your behalf. Got a question about the health and dental plan? Insurance claim rejected? Need an ISIC Card? Stop by the SGPS Office - we're here for you.
Assistant Director of Finance (dir.finance@sgps.ca)
Sandy Beaton
SGPS Staff
Social Commissioner (social@sgps.ca)
Kyle Curlew
Athletics Commissioner (athletics@sgps.ca)
Dominic Kucharski
SGPS Athletic Commissioner organizes and plans all SGPS athletic events; administers all athletic programs through the SGPS and works closely with Queen's Athletics and Recreation to represent the interests of SGPS members. My aim is to foster a sense of community and facilitate social interaction and networking for graduate and professional students across departmental lines.
Equity & Diversity Commissioner (equity@sgps.ca)
Erica Baker
As the SGPS Equity Commissioner, I am responsible for keeping the activities of the SGPS aligned with equitable principles. In my capacity as the Equity Commissioner Internal, I will be sitting on committees within the University that deal with equity and accessibility and I will be working within the SGPS, with Executive, Staff and Council members, to ensure that the SGPS' and the University's activities are broadly accessible, that hiring is fair and transparent, that training in equity issues and inclusivity are available, and that the rights of the diverse population of graduate and professional students are represented and protected under our (Universities and SGPS) Policies and Bylaws. My most important role, however, is to ensure that every one of our members feels welcomed and comfortable working, living and learning in this environment and as such, I welcome people to contact me with any and all equity related issues.
International Commissioner (international@sgps.ca)
Sara SidAhmed
As the International Students' Affairs Commissioner, I work with the SGPS to support the international graduate and professional students. My goal is to ensure that every student's needs, concerns and interests are effectively addressed and represented. My scope of work include addressing challenges faced by international students such as cultural differences and social isolation and conducting events that bring together students from different backgrounds in an attempt to improve their overall University experience. Contact me if you are an international student with any ideas and/or concerns and it will be my pleasure to assist you.
Officers of Council
Speaker (speaker@sgps.ca)
Eric Rapos
I prepare material for and run Council and Annual General Meetings. I also chair the Bylaw and Policy Revisions Standing Committee and am responsible for maintaining and interpreting the SGPS Bylaws and Policies.
Deputy Speaker (deputyspeaker@sgps.ca)
~ vacant ~
As Deputy Speaker, I chair general meetings and council meetings in the absence of the Speaker. In addition, I maintain and organize official lists of current council members, distribute and familiarize Robert's Rules of Order to council members and ensure council members from each department attend meetings.
Chief Returning Officer (elections@sgps.ca)
Travis Skippon
The CRO is responsible for organizing and running elections for the SGPS.