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SGPS Bylaws and Policies.

SGPS Bylaws

The SGPS Bylaws are governing documents that describe the purposes of the Society. Bylaws generally state the overarching principles and guiding statements that provide direction for the SGPS.

Changes to Bylaws require two (2) readings at Council and are finalized at the SGPS Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March. If you would like to participate in shaping the Bylaws this year, please join the Bylaw and Policy Revisions Standing Committee, chaired by the Speaker (, or contact the Speaker with your suggestions.

SGPS Policies

The SGPS Policies are intended to provide specific information about the workings of the SGPS. Policies are divided into two types: Issues Policy and Organizational Policy. Issues Policy states the SGPS' official position (as determined by Council) on key issues of importance to graduate and professional students. Organizational Policy deals with all other aspects of SGPS functioning, including committee mandates and Council meeting rules.

Policies can be changed by a two-thirds majority vote at any Council meeting, and are intended to be working documents. If you are interested in working on SGPS Policies, please contact the Speaker ( about joining the Bylaw and Policy Revisions Standing Committee.