Free Queen's: Free Workshops

Wednesday evenings, March 6 - 20, 2013.

Facilitated by graduate and professional students at Queen's University, FREE Queen's 2013 offers participants the opportunity to engage in a variety of workshops. For more information, please email or call (613)533-2924.

The cost is free and light refreshments will be provided.

All FREE Queen's 2012 workshops are held at:
Calvin Park Public Library
88 Wright Crescent
Kingston, ON K7L 4T9

Free Queen's 2013: Workshop List

March 6th

7-8 pm

Effective Communication

Presented By: Drew MacDonald
This workshop will focus on the planning and the execution of effective communication-in job interviews, in the workplace, in social settings. We will look at how practicing these strategies will make them automatic parts of your thinking process.

8-9 pm

The Art of Compassionate Communication

Presented By: Ian Fanning and Lise Gillis
This experiential workshop introduces participants to a two-part communication technique that uses specific questions to develop the individual's competence in exploring and expressing their thoughts, ideas or emotions. The result of this witnessed self-inquiry process has an inspiring impact on both individuals as it can: loosen up old or ineffective beliefs, decrease tendencies to be judgemental or reactive when listening, clarify issues, problems and misconceptions, promote deeper respect and acceptance for self and others, as well as foster compassion through the recognition that we are not so alone in our life experiences.

March 13th

6-7 pm


Presented By: Matthew Philp
This Free Queen's workshop on Branding will display the importance of brands in our lives and how they are used to portray who we are as individuals. As members of society, we are all marketing our own personal brand to everyone else. The workshop will consist of thought provoking questions, discussions, and short group activities to engage the audience in an interactive new approach to how we view brands.

7-8 pm

Your Digital Presence

Presented By: Elias Da Silva-Powell and Maya Bielinski
This workshop will introduce attendees to some best practices and standards in creating a digital presence, with comments relevant to other social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook and with a specific emphasis on LinkedIn; this workshop will be a functional but very limited “crash-course,” as it were.

8-9 pm

Freedom of Speech

Presented By: Natalie Green
Section 2 of the Canadian Constitution's "Charter of Rights and Freedoms" promises us Freedom of Expression, but what does that actually mean? Can we legally say, show, or convey whatever thoughts come to mind in any way? What about the need to protect those who might hear or see our expression? In this interactive session we will discuss the history of this fascinating and controversial section of the Charter and how it has evolved since its birth in 1982.

March 20th

6-7 pm

Genetics for your life

Presented By: Stephanie Stobbe
This workshop will be a discussion on genetics and its impact on health and healthcare. A starting point will be to review what genes are and how heritability works. With the basics established, the role of genetics in disease will be explained, as well as the role of genetics in health research and disease therapies. Discussion on the value of this approach will be key.

7-8 pm

GPS Technology

Presented By: Tafsheen Karamat
GPS has become the vital element of world information infrastructure. This workshop will introduce the amazing world of navigation through GPS. We will discuss how, through various interesting animations and practical demonstrations, GPS works in a simple and plain manner. The workshop will also discuss its less known cousin, the Inertial Navigation System (INS) which is becoming an essential counterpart of GPS to aid in navigation.

8-9 pm

Yoga and the Endocrine System

Presented By: Gentry Hanks and Christine Grossutti
This session will look at the intersections of research dealing with diabetes, emotion, and the body. Yoga can be used as a lens through which to examine the body because it provides a philosophical system of correspondences between specific sites of the body and certain qualities or concepts. Diabetes management requires focus on the body as well as behavior. Living with diabetes, as well as other chronic conditions, often coincides with stress, anxiety and depression. We will begin with a brief introduction, move into yoga and end with a short discussion period. Participants (Type I, Type II,Gestational and Non-Diabetics can join) can bring yoga mats (or a large towel or blanket), yoga blocks, and blankets. We will try to have some extra equipment. Try to wear comfortable, yet supportive clothing. Also, you might want to bring your blood glucose meter to see the numerical effect on blood sugar levels.